How to play Poker: the game rules

How to play Poker to win

When a beginner asks how to play Poker, he might not get one and the same answer: there are many Poker games, and each game has its own rules.

However, to understand the essence of each one, it is always recommended to learn how to play Texas Hold’em Poker. Hold’em is a classic variant of it, and almost all other types of this intellectual entertainment are based on it and have its features.

How to play Poker: general rules

When a beginner starts to learn how to play Poker, his task is to remember hands’ values and some special terms that are used to call the game rounds and stages. The card combinations (hands) here are meaningful. The suit does not matter: Spades and Hearts have the same value for instance, not like in some other card games.

The general goal here is to win the money or chips of other players. This is achieved by a certain sequence of several rounds. These will either last for a set amount of time until all remaining players in the game stop playing or until only one player is left and all others have lost their bets. Each round is self-contained and not influenced by previous ones.

The game process

The player gets a hand with 5 cards each round. In some games, such as 7 Card Stud, the player selects his 5-cards hand from a larger selection of cards. If a person wants to understand how to play 3 Card Poker, Hold’em rules will help him.

A player can fold at any time but then loses his already deposited wager. If at a showdown two players have an equal hand, the pot is split between them. Most poker games can be played as a High-Low variant. According to its rules, the gamers that have the worst and the best cards’ combinations get the prize (50/50).

Cards in Poker

When the Poker how to play question is asked already, the newbie should remember the cards combinations. Here they are:

  1. High Card. The best one if no other combination is formed;
  2. Pair (2 cards of a single value (4+4, for instance);
  3. 2 Pairs;
  4. Three of a kind. 3 similar-value cards (J+J+J for example).
  5. Straight. 5 cards in sequence;
  6. Flush. 5 one –color cards (any);
  7. Full House (Pair+ 3 of a Kind);
  8. Four of a kind. 4 cards of the same suit;
  • Straight Flush. 5 cards of the same color. The newbies, who are learning how to play Poker, should know that the tutorial will help them to remember that here, cards values play a role.

    Royal Flush is unbeatable, and it contains the same-color 5 cards from 10 to A.

    Winning strategies

    If a person understands how to play Video Poker, it will be the knowledge that can enlarge his winning chances in a real casino game.

    The strategies are described online and the information about them is provided at Poker rooms. However, the only experience can guarantee that a gamer will become a proficient Poker player.

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